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Numerous legal issues arise when property owners interact with oil and gas companies. The oil or gas company you are dealing receives legal advice from attorneys who specialize in helping the industry maximize profits. If you are negotiating or transacting with an oil or gas company related to pipeline rights-of-way, railway oil and gas matters, lease agreements or other issues faced by surface owners in West Virginia (WV), you need an experienced WV oil and gas attorney from Windom Law Offices, PLLC to advise you and represent your best interests.

A WV Oil And Gas Attorney Helps Protect Your Rights

A boom in the production of natural gas and oil has led to an influx of oil and gas legal issues in WV. Businesses can take advantage of surface owners who don’t have extensive knowledge of the industry and related legal matters, like contracts and negotiation of contractual rights and obligations. To protect your interests and be properly compensated for the use of your land or when you need to push back against an oil or gas company’s overreach or abuse, contact the oil and gas attorneys at Windom Law Offices, PLLC.

Oil and gas legal issues in WV usually fall into the following categories: pipeline right-of-way negotiations and disputes, railway oil and gas issues, other surface owners’ rights and oil and gas lease negotiations or problems. Regardless of the specific legal issue you face, a West Virginia oil and gas attorney can help you secure appropriate compensation for the use of your land and protect your rights and property.

Oil And Gas Legal Issues In WV: How A WV Oil And Gas Attorney Can Help

Oil and gas issues in WV can cause financial injury to property owners due to disputes over property or land, surface ownership rights, oil and gas lease negotiations or breach of contract. Common issues that oil and gas attorneys assist clients with include the following:

  • Lease negotiations and terminations
  • Breach of joint operating agreements and other exploration agreements
  • Pipeline right-of-way negotiations and disputes, such as trespass or breach of contract
  • Property damage claims
  • Nuisance claims related to noise and air emissions

Whether you seek help with lease negotiations, a violation of rights or damage to your property, an experienced West Virginia oil and gas attorney can gather the relevant evidence to support your claim or request for compensation and help you through the legal processes required to protect your rights and interests.

Compensation In Oil And Gas Disputes And Litigation

Compensation—legally known as damages—related to oil and gas legal issues in WV varies depending on the issue. Damages aim to make the complaining party whole or put that party in an equivalent position as if the other individual or organization had not caused harm.

For issues such as breach of a contract or agreement or lease violations, the party who caused the breach must put the complaining party in a position similar to if the breach had not occurred. Additionally, the breaching party must cover costs arising from their breach, such as loss of income or costs to replace the defendant’s duties. These damages usually occur situations like these:

  • Land-lease agreements
  • Purchase agreements
  • Agreements for oil and gas rights

When an oil or gas company causes damage to property, you can hold the business responsible for the cost of repairs or the cost of the property if the business’s action—or inaction—destroyed it entirely. Whether you seek to recover damages for a broken agreement that did not cause property damage or damages for harm to your, contact the knowledgeable oil and gas attorneys at Windom Law Offices, PLLC for help. A skilled attorney can identify and document all relevant information to document your claims and handle your lawsuit correctly.

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A WV Oil And Gas Attorney Can File Your Lawsuit On Time

WV Code article 55-2 limits how long you have to file a lawsuit against an oil or gas company that has violated your rights. Failure to file your lawsuit on time results in the case being dismissed and bans you from recovering the damages you deserve. The following are time restraints for filing a claim for compensation related to common oil and gas issues in WV:

Personal injury: Two Years

Property damage: Two years

Breach of contract or agreement: Ten years for a written contract and five years for an oral contract

Find Your West Virginia Oil And Gas Attorney At Windom Law Offices

If you have questions about your rights related to oil and gas legal issues in WV or you need help negotiating rights or lease agreements, filing your lawsuit on time or maximizing the recovery of damages, a WV oil and gas attorney can help. Rodney and Scott Windom have years of combined experience handling oil and gas claims and surface owner rights negotiations in WV. In short, they can provide the trusted legal counsel and representation surface owners need. To learn how Windom Law Offices, PLLC can help you, contact our knowledgeable and experienced oil and gas attorneys by calling 304-643-4440 or filling out this online contact form.


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